Tradingview Pro Plus Review (in detailed)

As a trader, the first tool that you are going to need is a good charting tool. 

If you are new in trading, I would recommend start with the Basic.  Try to explore it and give a spin for a day or two. 

The only annoying part of using the Basic is there will be ads popping up from time to time into your chart.

You won’t also see the premarket / aftermarket price and volume level action. It’s important to have those data especially if you are into day trading.

Right now, TradingView offers a 1 month free trial if you subscribe to them. You could sign up here for free.  

Also, you could cancel it if it didn’t meet your expectations but make sure it should be done before the trial ends so you won’t be charged.

I currently use a Pro+ Plan as I trade both cryptocurrencies and equities and TradingView caters all I need and so far I like it.

Tradingview have a mobile app too where you can check the real price quotes of your positions whenever you are away from your computer screens.

Tradingview Plans

Since I trade TSX (Canadian stocks), the only thing I don’t like is the 15 minutes price quote delay but it’s not a big deal to me as I use Level 2 in my brokers platform.

Take note that the real time US data and price quotes in Tradingview are coming from CBOE BZX exchange (formerly BATS) only. 

That’s why, if you are going to use a lower time frame, let’s say, 1 minute 5 minute in a non active and unpopular tickers, which of course has low volume obviously, you’ll see dotted bars just like this:

tradingview visl chart

But this won’t be a case for a higher time frame like 1+ hour  during the trading session.

Is Tradingview Pro Plus really worth it?

A lot of trading scanner platforms use Tradingview as their charting tool because it is easy to use, no complex set-ups and installation needed.  Also, some investment brokers use Tradingview for the chart analysis. 

Tradingview can also serve as a market scanner either in equities, cryptocurrencies and forex. This is a powerful tool whether you are a beginner to advanced chartist.   

Allow me to share my Tradingview set up:

Pay attention to the upper right corner with a green doodle on it.  I always check them sometimes before and at the end of the day to see what transpired and to get some insights and feel how the market is.  

The first one is the Watchlist and Details.  Every morning, I update my current watchlist except for the indices.  You could easily see the key stats such as Volume, Market Capitalization and Earnings.

tradingview watchlist

Next is the Alerts.  Whenever I chart, I set alerts on my possible entries and exit. The higher the price plan subscription, the more alerts you can set.  

In my current plan, I can go as many as 30 alerts. The basic plan offers 1 alert only while the Pro Plan has 10. Alerts are important for me as they call my attention if the price quotes are testing the important levels I am watching. This help me execute my trading plan as well, whether it’s a buy or sell position.

tradingview alerts

Next is the News

Although I use Benzinga Pro as my main scanner, I occasionally check out on this and read some of the major news related to my watchlist.

tradingview news

Next is the Data Window.

This gives you the information of the selected data or your chosen list to watch. 

Since I use BB (Bollinger Band) as an indicator in my trading, I can easily check the upper and lower bands here in the data window. 

Another one is the VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) level, VWAP gives you the average price of your chosen trade depending on where it has traded at throughout the day that is based on both volume and price.  This is a very powerful indicator if you are a technical trader.

tradingview data window

Next is the Hotlist.

This is like a scanner of the whole market of your choice. You could choose what market you want to check such as US Exchange, Volume Gainers, Gap Gainers, Gap Losers, Percent Change Gainers and Losers.  

tradingview hotlist1

If you click the drop down menu, you’ll see different countries and their corresponding exchanges.  I am from Canada and I use this hotlist tool to check the TSX Gainers and look for some trade ideas. I have successfully traded some of the TSX equities like LAC.TO (Lithium Americas) SHOP.TO (Shopify) AC.TO (Air Canada) BES.V (Braille Energy) HIVE.V (Hive Blockchains) among many others.

tradingview hotlist2

Next is the Calendar. 

Here I focused mostly on the Earnings Calendar.  This gives you the idea of the date of the company’s earning report and the estimate of EPS (earnings per share). 

This is a very helpful tool especially if you are planning to do some options trading.  Most of the time, I trade options based on the earnings report date but again, careful analysis must be considered in taking an option trade.  Trading options are far different from trading equities as there is a time decay involved in this.  You could end up your option trade worthless if the movement did not favour your position. 

tradingview calendar

 The rest buttons are just Ideas, Public and Private Chats, Streams and Notification. 

You could use this if you are looking for some trade ideas from the other users.  You could also chat with them. 

I seldom use this part now because I am focusing on things I know works for me.  Traders are different from each other and what matters most is to win consistently, to improve your win rate and grow your account.

Also, Tradingview allows you to connect with your broker (cryptocurrency / forex) by accessing the trading panel. Some of the broker lists that Tradingview suggest are OANDA, Gemini, FXCM.  

Right now, I didn’t integrate my charting tool to any brokers stated above but who knows, maybe in the near future.  I’ll update this post if that happens.

tradingview trading panel broker

TradingView Pricing and Promotion

I am using Tradingview Pro Plus and I highly recommend it if you want to bring your trading into the next level.  Check down below the plans comparison:

Tradingview Plans

I am once a user of Basic then went to Pro then Pro+. As I expand my trading journey I also upgrade my tools. 

But like I said, if you are just starting, try the Basic first and give yourself a day or two then upgrade.  Right now, TradingView offers the Pro plan at $155 USD/yr, if you’ll pay it annually. 

Here are the price comparison between the free plan and the paid ones:

tradingview plan comparison 2
tradingview plan comparison 3
tradingview plan comparison 4
tradingview plan comparison 5
tradingview comparison plan 6
tradingview comparison plan 7
tradingview comparison plan 8
tradingview plan comparison 9

There’s a lot of charting tools out there, but right now, Tradingview stands out for me.  I have no plan of changing my charting tool for now.

If you think this is the right tool for you, try this for free.

I will earn a small commission once you go for the monthly or yearly subscriptions without any other cost on your part. I used these commissions to help those who are in need.